MET Mobility Division

MET provides reverse logistics services to Tier-1 carriers, large retailers, OEM’s, and corporate end users of mobile devices. Our mobility division is capable of handling up-to 75,000 mobile devices per month. Our expertise covers smartphones & tablets manufactured by most major OEM’s, including Apple iOS, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixels, LG, and others.


Our services include outright purchase, detailed audits & data-wiping, and repair services. We have clients ranging from a Global 500 manufacturer to a US-based software development company, with our clients’ monthly quantities ranging between 100 and 10,000 devices. Our service offerings are as follows:


1) Outright Device Purchases – We have developed a strong reputation as a distributor of used mobile devices. We are able to make competitive offers to purchase devices that have been fully audited by a reputable testing company. We purchase devices that are both good and damaged. In order to get estimates, please email a list of your devices to


2) Functional Audits & Data-Destruction – Devices can be shipped to us for testing, labeling, storing, DOD-level data-wiping, grading, and reporting. Our manpower allows us to receive devices that are either individually boxed and shipped, or bulk-packed. We can quickly turn around a report to you with all necessary information at an IMEI level, allowing you to attribute damages to a specific facility or employee. We can ship these devices on your behalf to your customer or recycling facility. We are also always happy to provide an offer for each device in order to purchase them for our own distribution needs. Our audit service fee can be as low as $4 per device, and this can change depending on the service requirements, including: types of tests and wipes performed, method of item shipping, and recurring volumes. Depending on your volume, we will waive the service fee if the device is sold to us. We can perform this on a recurring contract basis, or as a one-time service.


3) Repair Services – We can perform simple repairs (and provide repair parts) such as screen replacements, as well as more complex procedures that require board soldering. Devices that require repairs are first audited, and then we can provide a cost estimate to perform those repairs. Our expertise allows us to advise which repairs are economical based on the resale value of damaged devices versus functional devices. Total net gain from repairs can be a significant percentage of the payout value to certain clients, as many devices are unable to be data-wiped without repair, thus requiring a device to be destroyed if it cannot be repaired!


Our customers value us for our integrity and transparency. Visit our facility to observe our technical expertise, procedural efficiency, and safeguards to protect your devices and the data inside them. Reach out to us to learn more and to get quotes for our services!