Data Center Decommissioning

MET International is a leading provider of data center decommissioning services across the US. Whether you’re planning a lifecycle refresh, or you’re migrating to the cloud and need to decommission your servers, we can help. We have helped corporations in Texas, Silicon Valley, and other major hubs decommission their assets in virtually every major data center in the country.


MET will handle full de-racking, packing, and pickup of your data center equipment.


We are unique in that we have strong corporate resale outlets, as well as run our own enterprise cloud hosting. No other decommissioning partner has the resale strength that we do – many will rely on brokers, which means you end up getting paid less than what your servers are worth. They may also hold up payment until the end-buyer pays them. MET will ensure that you get maximum value back for your servers, while keeping decommissioning stress-free.


We are a privately owned business that can quickly cut you a check for your decommissioned legacy equipment. We have handled buybacks worth eight figures and our customers are always impressed with how quickly we are able to issue payment. We promise that you, and your boss, will be happy you picked us.


We are R2 certified, which is the industry standard for responsibly destroying data that may exist on your equipment (such as server hard drives). We can also provide you with certificates of data destruction if you need them.


While every data center decommission is unique, here is what a typical decomm looks like:

1. MET will provide an estimated net purchase value for your data center assets, based on original purchase manifest.

2. We will work with you on a decommissioning schedule that fits your needs.

3. We will arrange logistics, including de-rack, serialization, packaging, and transport.

4. Once the equipment lands at our dock, we will audit and provide you with a summary.

5. We will cut you a check within 48 hours of receiving your assets.

6. We will destroy data in accordance with NIST standards, and provide you with certificates if required.