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MET Mobility


MET's mobility division occupies a dedicated 70,000 SQFT facility in Irving, Texas. Our strategic location places us in a key logistics hub for the mobility industry, with proximity to major industry aggregation points, and under 5 minutes from DFW airport.

MET’s mobility clients and partners include:

Mobile Network Operators

E-Commerce Sellers


Enterprise Device Managers

Device Protection & Warranty Providers

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Our operation can accommodate individually shipped devices, non-recurring programs, and clients with as few as 100 devices.

Our Capabilities:

Functional Testing

Certified Data Sanitization

Cosmetic Grading

Buff & Polish

Repair & Parts Harvesting

Our customers value us for our integrity and transparency. Visit our facility to observe our technical expertise, procedural efficiency, and safeguards to protect your devices and the data inside them. Reach out to us to learn more and to get quotes for our services!


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