IT Asset Disposition

If you need to safely and responsibly recycle your used datacenter IT equipment, we can help. MET understands the challenges that businesses face when moving offices or upgrading their IT infrastructure. We work with R2-certified downstream vendors in disposing of used electronics responsibly.

We help avoid any legal or safety concerns, while helping you earn some return on your recycled equipment. Many times, used IT equipment can be remarketed to small businesses. In many cases, even damaged equipment has recoverable value. We know how to extract value from all types of IT equipment, which leads to more money back in your company’s pocket. We are reputable in the industry for our speed and transparency.

If you need to responsibly recycle servers or other datacenter equipment, contact us for a quote today!

Here are the services that we offer:

  • Local equipment pickup or delivery
  • Serialized audit
  • Asset valuation
  • Testing or ‘as-is’ purchases
  • Consignment sale or outright purchase
  • Data destruction, including certified hard drive wipes or certificates of destruction